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Walking Towards The Light – Photo Story Asia

The Path to Buddha - A Lorenz Berna Photography of Thailand & Buddhism.

Photo Story Asia

Walking Towards The Light.

Since I was a boy, I have always been attracted to everything that represented Buddhism.
The concept of Impermanence concerning all animated or inanimated things, has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the ephemeral Nature of Life.
A truth that we, photographers, know really well. Lights, shapes and situations are constantly changing in front of our lens. And, it is up to us to organize them well and use them wisely to create something beautiful in a short time.

Another foundation on which this philosophy is based, is Compassion.
I personally believe that in this world, what is really missing is this noble Virtue, and that by becoming more compassionate we could become a positive factor to create a healthier society.

In 2007, I visited Asia for the first time and I can’t deny that the thing I wanted to photograph most, was the monks with their exotic orange robes.
I know, a true photographic cliche… but this was what motivated me: trying to represent the Buddhist concept of Impermanence through one image.
And I humbly think that with this photo, I have finally succeeded in my intent.

[  Photo & Text by Lorenz Berna  ]
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