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Hangover in Holi Festival – Photo Story India

Exhausted and hungover, a young Indian Man is resting on a street stall after the Holy Festival in Varanasi, India

Photo Story India

Hangover in Varanasi Holi Festival.

Exhausted, this young man is resting on a street stall after a full day of crazy celebration for the Holi Festival, the festival of colours. 

Nowadays, everyone participate to this event whereas originally, only Hindus did. This manifestation honors different things, according to the numerous traditions existing in India : the end of the dry Winter and arrival of Spring, the time for forgiveness, the victory of good upon evil (Vishnu legend) and the commemoration of Love (Krishna legend).

People go down in the streets equipped with colours to throw on everybody else during this intense day of joy and crazyness, where lots of alcohol and marijuana drinks are involved.
This picture is a good example of it.

Protect your gear so you do not lose any occasion.

In an occasion like this, where your photographic gear will be put to the test, you need to have it well protected! A good rain cover will do the trick, as it usually covers your gear from all kinds of extremes situations as water, dust, sand and, in this case, color pigments.

I was indeed very happy and safe to have this simple and inexpensive protection, as I travelled in different demanding places & contexts during this trip in India, including desert, monsoon, waterfalls and festivals.
Actually, It would have been such a shame not to be able to shoot some of my Street Photographies, only because I was not prepared and didn’t have the proper tools for a general Travel Photography.

[  Photo by Lorenz Berna & Text by Lorenz and Florence Lepavec  ]
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