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The Poetry of Chianti – Photo Story Italy

Chianti Landscape photography, Tuscany. Italy Landscape Photography by Lorenz Berna

Photo Story Chianti

The Poetry of Chianti.

The Tuscan countryside was built as a real work of art by refined people, the same one who ordered paintings and frescoes in the 15th century. “It’s amazing how these people built their rural landscapes, as if they had no other concern than beauty” said the well-known French geologist Henri Desplanques. With that citation, I really think he caught the essence of this land.

And this is yet even more particularly true in the Chianti region, where the landscapes are magical.
Everything is kind around, everything is ancient and new in the same way… a landscape imbued with intelligence where man has been able to instill grace and harmony in a nature that in itself, in this corner of Tuscany, was so benevolent.

Documenting my native land in search of unusual and original points of view and helping other photographers during my photographic workshops in Chianti and in Tuscany allowed me to enter more and more in communion with this landscape and to understand why so many artists, poets and great minds have been greatly inspired by these scenarios.

[  Chianti Photo & Story by Lorenz Berna  ]

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