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The Beech Tree Chapel of La Verna – Photo Story Italy

The Beech Tree Chapel of La Verna Sanctuary, Tuscany, Italy

Photo Story Italy

The Beech Tree Chapel in La Verna : a mesmerizing, mystical experience.

Just outside the sanctuary of La Verna in Tuscany, inside the Casentinesi forests, rests the Beech Tree Chapel. The Chapel is a simple stone construction, rather small but with a large courtyard, which seems to have been abandoned.

It is not as beautful as the rest of the structures built in this sanctuary area, but it does have a great history for the pilgrims who reach these remote areas. Right here, in fact, the story says that during the 13th century, the Christ appeared to the Blessed Giovanni della Verna, a franciscan monk who spent his days here.

I took this photograph on a windy and snowy winter day which let us imagine in what extreme conditions the first Franciscan friars were living on this mountain. The whole sanctuary and surroundings are indeed tinged with the spirit in which San Francesco of Assisi and his followers built this holy place. A sanctuary made for pure and ascetic devotion, for uncontaminated spiritual aspirations. I recommend anyone who comes to Tuscany to visit this sanctuary and immerse yourself in the powerful spiritual energy and absolute beauty of these ancient forests. If you can, chose the autumn period when the place will reveal its entire pannel of colors, its best version.

A place for fascinating, mystical photos…

[  La Verna Photo & Text by Lorenz Berna  ]

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