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The 6 fundamentals to make good photos

Tuscany Photos : Multicolour Sunrise in Val d'Orcia - A Lorenz Berna Photography of Italy

How to take good photos

– The 6 fundamentals to make good photos –

[  Photos & text by Lorenz Berna  ]

Photography is a beautiful way to express ourselves.
It is a process that, at the end, should make us more creative and happier. Taken with the right approach, it can  definitely bring us lots of satisfactions.

Here is a short list of what I think to be the very basics to make beautiful pictures.

Shaman of the Monkeys - India street photography by Lorenz Berna

1. Be always vigilant

Anything we want to achieve in life requires a certain degree of concentration. The same when we go out to take pictures with our camera / smartphone. We need to switch off our internal distractions and enter a sort of “Zen mode”.
Rise your alertness and be fully aware. Try to become an active observer and train yourselves to be very responsive and decisive in order not to miss any good opportunity!

Baby with his grandmother i Gurjung village, on Annapurna Trail in Nepal Himalayas - Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna

2. Put more heart and less head

The more we think, the more we lose our authentic nature.
We want Photography to make us positive and happier people, so let’s not intellectualize it too much!
Put apart settings, techniques and whatever experts and authorities say about how and what a photo should be. Empty your head from conditionings and start to “feel”. Feel your voice, your true photography. In this way only, your pictures will reflect your true nature, your unique touch. They will reflect who you are as a human being more than as a technician.

Thilashins Buddhist Nuns on an alms giving round across Yangon city - A Lorenz Berna Travel Photography of Myanmar

3. Composition : the art of reduction

In order to create good compositions, we need to learn to reduce the elements of distraction in the frame. That means to choose subjects, forms and colors that help us to create an harmonious image.
The simplest the composition is, the more emphasis is given to the subject.
Indeed, it actually reinforce it a lot, to be placed in a clean and minimalistic composition.

Exotic details from Jaipur : a man foot next to the trump of an elephant - A Lorenz Berna Photography of India

4. Roundness and curves

If you can add curves in your photos, go for it and do it!
Curves are even more dynamic than diagonals.
Use curved lines to lead the eyes of the viewer in the frame. Actually, this is a very efficient way to create powerful photos.

Team of Fishermen pulling the fishing nets out from the sea in Kovalam - A Lorenz Berna Photography of India, Kerala

5. Dynamism

Dynamism is activity, vigor, energy.
A photo having these qualities will result interesting and not boring to the viewer.
Adding diagonals lines into a scene is another really effective way to increase dynamism and strengthen your pictures.

Woman praying, enveloped in the smoke of incese, with a mala in her hands - Travel Photography of Nepal by Lorenz Berna

6. Light

The color, the quality and the direction of the Light are the key factors.
Once understood, they open up infinite creative possibilities for photographers.
Knowing the light allows us to pre-visualize its effect on a particular subject and get the best out of it.

The Light, in itself, has the capacity to transform an ordinary subject or scene into something magic and extraordinary. It is for sure one of the most important, if not the most, element to master if we want to make beautiful shots.

That’s it for today, hope it helped you somehow!

Keep the spirit of Travel Photography alive, enjoy and be happy…