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On the Tasmania Houn River – Photo Story Australia

Houn River - Tasmania Landscape by Lorenz Berna

Photo Story Australia

Mysty Morning on Tasmania Houn River.

I’ve travelled Tasmania and the Huon valley in January 2013, during the cherry picking season. At that time my partner Florence and I were in Australia on a ‘Working Holiday Visa’ : an amazing way to travel the country, improve our english and earn some good money to keep exploring.
For more than a year, our bed, kitchen, living room and car was a yellow Toyota HiAce minivan from 1984, renamed “Sunny”. We loved the simplicity and the sense of Freedom of the “On the Road” life style.

This particular picture was taken out of the bed at 5.30am, before going to work in the cherry orchard. As often, you most likely to catch some of your best shots at the very early hours.

It was a cold and foggy morning of February and the view on the river was absolutely magic.

[  Photo & Text by Lorenz Berna  ]
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