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Lady Srey, eco-guide – Travel Diary Cambodia

Travel Portrait of Lady Srey, eco-guide in Cambodia

Cambodia Travel Diary

Lady Srey, eco-guide in Cambodia.

Coming from a numerous and poor family, devastated by the recent war, she was trained by international NGOs. There she learnt good English and natural agriculture bases.
At a young age, she already started to work in the countryside, teaching local people the ecological notions of a more natural agriculture, as well as some environmental basic principles.

Then, she begun to work with foreigners thanks to her English.
Her knowledge about plants and environment naturally made her turn into a qualified eco-guide working in the whole country for foreigners individuals and organizations. Today, she runs a small organisation of women Tuk Tuk drivers and guides, all due to her only determination and hard work.
Her various experiences in life, brought her good communication skills as well as a very strong will-power that allows her to be also an efficient fixer for anyone’s projects in the country.

Her pride and strenght are balanced by a deep simplicity and a child heart that when opens, fills the air. This portrait is one of this moment.

[  Cambodia travel diary by Florence Lepavec / Photo by Lorenz Berna  ]

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