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Paris Photo Gallery

Cityscape of Paris, by night - A Lorenz Berna Photography of France

Paris Photo Gallery 

The City of Lights and Love always enlightens the heart of her visitors.
From outside, She has the sophisticated image of the romantic and refined Capital city of a country which culture influenced the whole world in some way..

On top of the most visited countries, with tourists from all over the World, she indeed attracts all kinds of different people. They might all come for different reasons and interests but they unanimously embrace her wide diversity with the same enthusiasm. Food & Wines, Fashion, Artistic Culture, Architecture, Religious monuments, Literature, History… She has indeed a lot to offer.
All this richness inherited from a long history of studies & discoveries, creations and innovations, quests and travels. A social and ethnical culture mix, gained with Time.

Paris is a fascinating city one can discover in a few days but only know in a few years. It has many different neighbourhoods with their own singular identities and colors. Latin quarter, Hebrew district, African zone, Indian/Pakistan area…
Paris is a big city made of small towns.

As a tourist, you make the most of every monuments and museums, operas and churches, parcs and panoramic views, fine restaurants and/or fashion boutiques.
But as a Photographer, you can also just go wandering around with your camera. You’ll be able to shoot most of these iconic monuments and architectures, singular quarters and cityscapes, but you will also catch the Essence of the City, her own vibrant and multi-cultural identity. Because the very centre of the city is relatively small, you can easily discover it by walking around, riding a Velib’ (a city’s bicycle) or getting onboard of a 
Bateau-Mouche (touristic boat) to get a different perspective on the city from the Seine river.

Paris is absolutely a must for Street Photography as it is for a more classical Travel Photography. So enjoy the city and enjoy the rain as much as the sun…

[  Photos by Lorenz Berna, Text by Florence Lepavec  ]
Street Photography in Paris, by night - A Lorenz Berna Photography of France
Street Photography of Paris under the rain.
View from the canals on the iconic cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris
View from the canals on the iconic cathedral of Notre Dame.
Sunset picture of the Grande Roue, Place de la Concorde, Paris
The Grande Roue on the Place de la Concorde.
Street view on the Statue of the famous Place de la République, Paris, France
Street view on the Statue of the famous Place de la République.
Young woman in the Parc of Luxembourg, Paris
Young woman in the Parc of Luxembourg.
A man smoking in front of a wall filled with graffiti, Street Photography in the Capital City, Paris
Street Photography - A businessman is smoking a cigarette in front of a wall covered with graffitis and political posters.
Trees along a wall in Paris, France
Shadows of trees along the symmetrical windows of a Parisian building.
Lights and shadows, Paris
Playing with Lights and Silhouettes in the city.
Street picture, Paris
Street picture.
Long exposure of The Paris Hotel de Ville at twilight, France
Hotel de Ville at twilight.
Long exposure picture on the parisian Arc de Triomphe by night.
Arc de Triomphe by night.
Cityscape of Paris, by night - A Lorenz Berna Photography of France
Cityscape of the Capital by night.

Photo Stories

Long exposure picture on the Arc de Triomphe