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Orcia Valley : the Tuscany Quintessence – Photo Story Italy

Straw balls in early summer - A Lorenz Berna Photography of Italy

Photo Story Italy

Orcia Valley, The Quintessence of Tuscany.

The widely World-known Orcia Valley, jewel piece of Tuscany, is of an extreme Poetry.
The gentle, round hills are the real icons of the Val d’orcia landscape in Tuscany.
Fruit of the Love of a People for its Land, it stands as a tribute to the Harmony between natural beauty of the Land and wise work of Men. Indeed, the enchanting valley is the result of an artistic and well-thought plannification of the landscape. A story of interactions between Man and Nature.

The result of this Union is a fascinating landscape where agriculture, cultivated fields, meadows and colorful vineyards intertwine with tranquil stone houses connected by white roads, cypress rows and natural areas with particular geological shapes. With still visible signs of ancient living traditions, the landscapes of the Val d’Orcia offers totally poetic sceneries.

Being born and living in Tuscany I know very well the beauties of my region, but the Val d’Orcia continues to amaze me again and again, season after season, as it has done for centuries to uncountable poets and artists.

I really believe that anyone who really loves to travel and photograph landscapes must think about visiting this enchanted valley in the heart of italy. Indeed, as a photographer, Orcia Valley Photography is one of the most inspiring Landscape Photography you could dream of. Trust me, you would absolutely not regret it…

[  Orcia Valley Photography & Text by Lorenz Berna  ]

Detail on the color stripes of a Val D'Orcia Valley, Tuscany, Italy
Color stripes in the Orcia Valley.
Tuscany Photos : Multicolour Sunrise in Val d'Orcia - A Lorenz Berna Photography of Italy
Multicolour sunrise in Val d'Orcia.
Tuscan farmer man, Italy
Portrait of a Tuscan farmer.
Vineyard in Tuscany, Italy.
Detail on a Vineyard.
Sunrise on a gentle valley at Spring, Tuscany, Italy
Gentle lights of Spring mornings.
Lonely tree on a hill, Tuscany, Italy
Lonely tree on a colourful hill.
Layers of hills and lights on a Tuscan golden valley - A Lorenz Berna Photography of Italy
Layers of hills and lights of a Tuscan bucolic valley.
The gentle slopes of the Crete Senesi in the morning golden lights - Orcia Valley Photos by italian lnadscape and travel photographer Lorenz Berna.
The gentle slopes of the Crete Senesi in the morning golden lights.
Straw balls in early summer - A Lorenz Berna Photography of Italy
Straw balls in the fields by early summer.

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