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Naples’ Cemetery of the Forsaken Souls – Travel Diary Italy

stacked skulls in the Fontanelle Cimetery in Naples - Naples photos

Travel Diary Italy

Naples’ Cemetery of the Forsaken Souls.

The “Fontanelle cemetery” is a wide cave filled with thousands of stacked skulls of anonymous dead persons which are prayed to by local people in exchange of favors from the Hereafter.
These uncountable skulls from victims of different waves of plague and cholera, left with no identity and therefore no possibilities to be remembered nor prayed for, have been adopted in time by local people in exchange of personal favors. A cult denonced by many as fetichism, it is anyway, a perfect example of the superstitious character of the Neapolitans.

This absolutely unique and singular place, gives us a lot to know on the People of Naples.
If we already knew well the natural predilection of Neapolitans for Drama -a good representation of the hot-blooded and passionate temper of Latin people- this superstitious practice, for it part, could take roots in the wide multi-cultural heritage of the City. Indeed, this harbour town is a real multi-pot of faiths, believes and traditions born from its numerous occupancies though Time : Greeks, Romans, Germanics, Normans, Spanish, French…Not to forget the settlements of small groups of Gypsies, originally coming all the way down from remote India. A fascinating and eclectic Blend giving a totally unique identity to this colourful city, thrillingly alive.

As a travel photographer, and maybe even more particularly as a street photographer, you’d be entirely captivated and inspired not only by the Cemetery but by the whole City and would undoubtedly add Naples photos on your Street Photography / Travel Photography portfolio. And as a storyteller, you will inspiringly get one of the most eclectic and folkloric Naples travel diary you can hope for.

Naples travel diary by Florence Lepavec / Photo by Lorenz Berna  ]

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