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Morocco travel video

Morocco Travel Video

Morocco’s 1001 Miles

1001 Miles, 1001 Skies.
1001 Lands, 1001 Blends.
1001 Tribes, 1001 Eyes.
1001 Stars, 1001 Scars.
1001 Lights, 1001 Nights…

Morocco, fertile ground of exotic lands and fabulous tales. Country of fascination and contrasts.
Refined and raw, delicate and rough, hectic and relaxed, spiritual and commercial, plural and individual, united and divided. Sweet and sour…
Land of nomads and passageway between Africa & Europe, Morocco holds a long history of travel. So as a rich heritage of mixed traditions and habits, handicrafts, musics and arts. And it definitely abounds with enthralling sceneries.

A perfect combination for travel photography and travel videography/travel cinematography.

[  Morocco Travel Video & text by Florence Lepavec -aka Artyvelle ]