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Ladakh Photo Gallery

Sunset on Lamayuru Tibetan Monastery in Ladakh - A Lorenz Berna Travel Photography of India

Ladakh Photo Gallery

On the desert lands of mystical Ladakh.

Ladakh, often referred to as the “Small Tibet”, is the remote land beyond the Himalayan range, on the Northern territory of India. It shares indeed a lot of commun features with its neighbour, the Tibet, as a commun history and culture. It is a wide desert land of high valleys located somewhere between 3000 and 6000m high, counting some of the highest passes of the world. “Ladkh” in Tibetan, actually literally means “The Land of High Passes”.

A land of an infinite beauty, attracting the most adventurous souls in its most remote parts. Its has a quite demanding access that gives it the value of a hidden jewel. The Jewel of the Mountains. For the most courageous, its does offers lands of an incredibly rare beauty!

Majestic dimensions, wide mesmerising valleys of multicolours rocks, traditional cultures, mystic monasteries and yogis.
Ladakh gives all the essential to the Travel Photographer :
beautiful Landscapes, fascinating Travel Portraits, traditional and authentic Local Life for “Street Photography”, and mystic elements for Travel Storytellings.

Whether you climb up here on a bike (for the most audacious), on a bus (for the strongest stomachs) or on a plane (for the bravest altitude fighters), you get very well rewarded. And trust us, you’ll wish to come back, again!

[  Ladakh Photos by Lorenz Berna, Text by Florence Lepavec  ]

Travel Photography of Ladakh, Northern India, by Lorenz Berna
The region of Ladakh is a high altitude desert due to the Himalayan range that blocks the monsoon clouds.
Aereal view of a village in the Nubra Valley, Ladakh
Aereal view of a village in the Nubra Valley.
View on the desert peaks of the Himalayan Ladakh, India
The wild and wide beauty of the Ladakhi valleys, the desertic "Small Tibet".
A grandmother is carrying her grandchild during a Buddhist festival in Himachal Pradesh, India
A grandmother is carrying her grandchild during a Buddhist festival at the Shasur Gompa of Keylong in Himachal Pradesh, on the way to Ladakh.
Ngakpa Yogi in Lamayuru, Ladakh - A Lorenz Berna Photography of India
Portrait of a Ngakpa Yogi, a Tibetan Buddhist tantric pratictioner, in Lamayuru.
Portrait of an old Tibetan man praying in Leh. A Lorenz Berna Travel Photography of India
Old Tibetan man praying in Leh, using his prayer wheel while repeating the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum".
View from Tanglang La in Ladakh on the Leh-Manali highway - A Lorenz Berna Travel Photography of India
View from Tanglang La mountain pass at 5,328mt. The Leh-Manali road is a very challenging road where it is common to find snow or water crossings, glacial melts and occasional landslides on the way. It crosses several high passes at over 5,000 metres which can get travellers to experience relatively serious altitude sickness.
Sunset on Lamayuru Tibetan Monastery in Ladakh - A Lorenz Berna Travel Photography of India
Lamayuru monastery is one of the oldest Gompa in Ladakh. With about 150 monks living there, it is also one of the largest one. The monastery is surrounded by many caves where, even nowadays, a few serious yogis come to spend part of the year in meditation.

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