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Kampot Salt Fields – Photo Gallery

Worker in Kampot salt fields at sunset - A Lorenz Berna travel photography of Cambodia

Kampot Salt Fields

At some 17 kms from the sea, Kampot town is surrounded by wide salt fields which are a real photographic must to see.

The mountains of the Bokor National Parc reflecting on the surface of the fields, make an absolute perfect setting for Travel Photography. Especially with the evening lights of a tropical sunset.

The best period to go there is during the dry season when the workers collect the salt.

[  Photos by Lorenz Berna, Text by Florence Lepavec  ]
Salt worker in Kampot, Cambodia, travel photography by Lorenz Berna
Worker carrying salt back to the warehouse.
Kampot salt fields at twilight, Cambodia
The salt fields at twilight.
Collecting the salt in kampot salt fields, Cambodia
Collecting the salt at sunset.
Salt piles in Kampot salt fields, Cambodia
Salt piles.
Worker in Kampot salt fields, Cambodia
Salt warehouse in Kampot, Cambodia
Kampot Salt fields at sunset, Cambodia
Sunset lights over the fields with the Bokor mountains in background.
Salt fields children in Kampot, Cambodia
Workers' children cycling around after school.
Worker in Kampot salt fields at sunset - A Lorenz Berna travel photography of Cambodia
Worker collecting the salt into piles for its transportation to the nearby warehouse.

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