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Java Photo Gallery

Silhouettes of the Borobodur Buddhist Temple in Java - Indonesia Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna

Java Photo Gallery

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[  Photos by Lorenz Berna  ]
Indonesian man travel portrait, Java, Indonesia.
Indonesian man travel portrait.
Javanese modern girl in front of a graffiti wall in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Modern culture and traditions coexisting freely in Yogyakarta.
Javanese woman portrait, Indonesia.
The impenetrable look of a smiling Javanese woman.
Three young Muslim girls walk on Yogyakarta street, Java, Indonesia.
Three young Muslim girls walking on Yogyakarta streets.
Silhouettes of the Borobodur Buddhist Temple in Java - Indonesia Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna
Silhouettes of the Borobudur Buddhist stupa, standing out in the sky before dawn.

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