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Balze of Valdarno Valley – Photo Story Italy

Le Balze del Valdarno, a geological singularity of Tuscany, Italy

Photo Story Italy

Le Balze of the Valdarno Valley, small “Canyons” of Tuscany.

The Balze of Valdarno Valley are an Italian singular geotype of small canyons in Tuscany.
It is a very suggestive landscape, with golden peaks piercing a green valley.

A valley said to be once, very long time ago, filled with a large lake formed from the Arno river. From its sediments remain today, these golden towers made of sand, clay and stratified gravels.
A very singular Landscape for Photography in Italy.

The most peculiar formations of this characteristic panorama of Tuscany can be seen alongside the ancient Roman road, la Setteponti.

[   Photo by Lorenz Berna, Text by Florence Lepavec  ]
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