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Australia Photo Gallery

Australia Landscape : Carcoar Dam in New South Wales - Photo by Lorenz Berna

Australia Photo Gallery

The Wide Wild East.

Australia, The Far Far Away country of the wide Landscapes and folkloric Portraits. Immense, Wild, Hot, Adventurous, Thrilling, Free.
Aboriginal ancient culture and young European civilisation.
Wild Life alongside comfortable and social cities.

Country of contrasts and extremes, Australia fascinates her visitors by the immensity of her proportions and her natural Beauty.
A “small California”, wilder, where people go surfing before work, where the coast is filled with tall and tanned sportives, where the pace still easy-going, where rich people enter the banks barefoot. It’s a country of Nature, Freedom, Relax and Cool attitude…

But most of all, it is a country of Landscapes and Countryside made of tropical sandy coasts, beautiful national parcs, desert, islands and obviously, the famous tough bush.
It is a golden mine for Travel Photography, either for Landscape Photography, Local and Daily Life or Portraits.

[  Photos by Lorenz Berna, Text by Florence Lepavec  ]
Australian young farmer in New South Wales - A Lorenz Berna Travel Photography of Australia
Young farmer of the New South Wales.
Houn River - Tasmania Landscape by Lorenz Berna
Early morning lights on the Houn River in Tasmania.
Australian sky above a lonely tree - A Lorenz Berna
Storm in formation above a lonely tree.
Twelve Apostles National Parc.
Twelve Apostles National Parc.
Camping in Tasmania, Australia
Camping in the wild.
Emus Birds in Australia
Endemic Emus walking freely in a wide Australian plain.
View from the top of the cliffs on the Great Ocean Road, New South Wales
View from the top of the cliffs on the Great Ocean Road, the road running along the southern coast of the country.
Under the Australian Stars.
Under the 'Australian' Stars.
Australia Landscape : Carcoar Dam in New South Wales - Photo by Lorenz Berna
Reflections on Carcoar Dam, New South Wales.

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