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The path to Buddha -Thailand Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna
About Us


For us, Travel Photography is a way to focus on
the most fascinating aspects of People, Places and Cultures,
bringing out all the Beauty of it as a Visual Storytelling
that inspire others to go there.

Travel Photography is a way to be constantly enthralled and curious. 

Travel Photo Spirit team

Travel Photo Spirit is born from the collaboration of
travel photographer Lorenz Berna & videomaker Florence lepavec.


Lorenz discovered a real passion for photography while traveling, some 15 years ago. Coming from the most beautiful hills of Tuscany in Italy, it is yet in Mexico that he first felt the call…
 On a very early morning, up in the mystic and fascinating town of Reale di Catorce, he met a couple of photographers on their departure to dawn, in this very special place of the World. He was hooked for ever!!

He became a travel photographer for it gathers what he loves most in both photography and travel :
Landscapes, Portraits and Street life.

Slowly abandoning film rolls in favor of digital cameras, he kept the same devotion for an artistic approach of photography, an understanding of lights and composition.

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From my childhood in France, travel stories and exotic tales were filling my imagination and dreams, nourishing a growing passion for the outside World.

During my last decade of traveling, I became fond of photography. Combining it with my affection for storytelling, some designer skills and an old love for music, I progressively turn towards videography where I felt my creativity could run free. Today, while I am improving my videography, I also dedicate myself to the writing of most of the articles for our Blog.

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TravelPhotoSpirit was awarded in 2017 and 2018 within the

World 100 Top Travel Photography Blogs.


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