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Blog dedicated to the Art of Travel Photography through the work of photographer Lorenz Berna and videographer Florence Lepavec. Photo Galleries / Portfolio / Photo Stories / Blog.
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The path to Buddha - Picture by Travel Photographer Lorenz Berna | La Strada Verso Buddha, una foto del Fotografo di Viaggio Lorenz Berna
About Us

The Spirit of Travel Photography

Travel Photography, for us, is a tribute to Life.

A way to focus on the positive apects of people, cultures and places.

To be constantly inspired and filled, so we personally evolve happier in a more creative way.

— It is with gratitude that we now share some of the Beauty we came across with —

Travel Photo Spirit team

Travel Photo Spirit is born from
the collaboration in work and life of travel photographer Lorenz Berna and videographer Florence lepavec.

We both met on the roads years ago and since then, never stopped travelling to satisfy our extensive curiosity of the world. Since then, we are connecting with human cultures and traditions as well as fulfiling our mornings from new landscapes or street scenes. And most of all, ever since we never ceased to be continually amazed by the infinite beauty of our Planet.

Travel Photographer Lorenz Berna

Lorenz discovered photography while travelling. Coming from the most beautiful hills of Tuscany in Italy, it is yet in Mexico that he first felt the call…
 On a very early morning, up in the mystic and fascinating town of Reale di Catorce, he met a couple of photographers on their departure to dawn, in this very special place of the World. He was hooked for ever!!
Then he too, prepared himself a life of dawns and sunsets. A life of magical lights and colours…
“Painting Life with Lights”.

He travels deserts and streets with an Eye for the Now.
Of the places, he recalls the atmosphere and dynamics, he seizes the essence.

The frenesy of Street Photography bounds his link with people, while his creativity is always stimulated by any unexpected opportunity coming. Done in constant alertness and concentration, street photography is for him a way to be fully in the present moment. A way to feel the pulse of a place, to vividly be awake and gratefully enriched by local encounters and touching stories. From these connections, he often gets authentic Travel Portraits.
On the other hand, Landscape Photography elevates his painter soul, his taste for composition and geometry, his love for lights. As well as it gives him more serenity and increases his connection with Mother Earth.

On his ‘photographic path’, he discovered the endless magnificience of the Planet as well as the fragility of human conditions and cultures. From this, he consciously chose to emphasize his work on a brighter side : the side of beauty, hopes and dreams.

An eternal graceful vision of the world.

Travel Videographer Florence Lepavec

The same interest for people, cultures and places. The same love for beauty and stories.
An eye for aesthetics, an other for meaning.

From my childhood in France, travel stories and exotic tales were filling my imagination and dreams, and shaping my free-bird mind. On my first trips, photographing was a natural pretext for exploring around while traveling alone. Then, it became a great tool of creativity when I met Lorenz. He transmitted me his passion for Photography like a generous child shares his favorite toy : with enthusiasm and complicity. Today, the same emotions warm us up after a colorful dawn in a wonderful place or an early human bath in the streets of the world.

If today, I mostly write (photo) stories, I developed during the last decade, a real passion for photography as well as some designer skills which, combined with an old love for music, made me naturally turn towards videography where I felt my creativity could run free. Still I am patiently and humbly learning this complex Art.

The Art of Travel Photography

Travel Photo Spirit is dedicated to the Art of Travel Photography, giving inspiration and information to the passionate photographer and traveller.


Through the photographic work of travel photographer Lorenz Berna.
Through the sharing of our own experiences, encounters and understandings.


Our photo galleries and photo stories are filled with informations for our reader to get to know facts as well as customs and traditions of a specific travel destination.

Travel Photography Blogs Awards 2017 for Travelphotospirit.com

Awarded within the World 100 Top Travel Photography Blogs, in 2017.