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Travelphotospirit.com is dedicated to the Art of Travel Photography through the work of photographer Lorenz Berna and videographer Florence Lepavec. Photo Galleries / Portfolio / Photo Stories / Blog.
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The path to Buddha, a picture by Travel Photographer Lorenz Berna | La Strada Verso Buddha, una foto del Fotografo di Viaggio Lorenz Berna
About Us

The Spirit of Travel Photography

Travel Photography, for us, is a tribute to Life.

A way to Focus on the positive apects of People, Cultures and Places.

To be constantly inspired and filled, so we personally evolve happier in a more creative way.

— It is with gratitude that we now share some of the Beauty we came across with —

Travel Photo Spirit team composed of photographer Lorenz Berna and videographer Florence Lepavec | Travel Photo Spirit Team composta dal fotografo Lorenz Berna e dalla videografa Florence Lepavec

Travel Photo Spirit is born from
the collaboration in work and life of travel photographer Lorenz Berna and videographer Florence lepavec.

We both met on the roads years ago and since then we never stopped travelling to satisfy our extensive curiosity of the world. Since then, we are continuously connecting with human cultures and traditions as well as taking great delight in new landscapes while improving our Photography. And most of all, we still are continually amazed by the infinite Beauty of our planet.

Travel Photographer Lorenz Berna

Lorenz discovered Photography while Travelling. It is in Mexico, that he first felt the call…
On a very early morning, up in the beautiful and mystic town of Reale di Catorce, he saw a couple of photographers getting ready to seize dawn in this perticular place of the world. He was hooked for ever!!
Then, he slowly prepared himself to be ready to live a life of dawns and sunsets. A life of magical lights and colours…

On the way, he discovered not only the beauty of the Landscapes and the frenetic rythm of Street Photography but also the fascination about People & Cultures.

After more than ten years of Travelling and Photographing, he decided to dedicate his life to Photography and thus naturally call himself, a Travel Photographer.

The Art of Travel Photography

Travel Photo Spirit is dedicated to inspire beginners and experienced photographers as well as provide them useful informations and ressources on the art of travel photography.


Through the photographic work of travel photographer Lorenz Berna.
Through the sharing of our own sources of inspiration, made of other people’s work (photographers, books, movies, documentaries, videos and interviews)


Spreading the fruits of our study combined with experience of photography and travel, to give practical tips and technics to the travel photographer.

Travel Photography Blogs Awards 2017 for Travelphotospirit.com

Awarded World Top 100 Travel Photography Blogs, in 2017.