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Stilt Fishermen in Weligama – Photo Story Sri Lanka

Stilt Fishermen in Weligama, Sri Lanka - Travel photography by Lorenz Berna | Pescatori sulle pertiche in Weligama, Sri Lanka - Fotografia di viaggio di Lorenz Berna

Stilt Fishermen in Sri Lanka

Weligama is a little coastal town in south-west of Sri Lanka.
Heavily damaged by the tsunami in 2004, together with Unawatuna, it’s still one of the best place in Sri Lanka to watch the last stilt fishermen in actions.

As many of us might already know, this brave and particular way of fishing has been made famous worldwide by the iconic pictures of Steve Mc Curry in 1995. Unfortunately for the villagers, the tsunami destroyed most of the reef so this part of the coast is not anymore an ideal habitat for the fish. It is therefore quite difficult now, to see large groups of men fishing together.

Thanks to our local friend Asank who knows well when the tie brings more fish near the beach, I’ve been able to shoot these pictures.

To get different and original angles on a sort of “cliche” scene is not an easy task.
With the help of a tripod, low iso and a neutral density filter, I wanted to melt water and sky together in order to create intriguing and dream-like pictures.

Sometimes it is nice to break the rules and give space to imagination.

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