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NEPAL Photo Gallery

Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu - Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna from the Nepal Photo Gallery of the Travelphotospirit Blog

NEPAL Photo Gallery

Machapuchare mountain from Annapurna Base Camp - Landscape picture by Lorenz Berna from the Nepal Photo Gallery

A man in the distance is watching the panorama from the Annapurna Base Camp at 4,130mt, in the central north Himalayas of Nepal. We can see, in the background and marked with snow, the Machapuchare mountain, sacred to the God Shiva and therefore unauthorized to climbing.

Tibetan Woman praying at Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal - Picture by Lorenz Berna

Tibetan woman praying intensely, enveloped by the smoke of the offered incense.
She uses a Mala in her hands to keep counting while mentally repeating a mantra, a prayer, or the name of a deity. This practice is known in Sanskrit language as Japa Mala.

Nepali Thangka painter in Bhaktapur, Kathmandhu's Valley, Nepal - Photo by Lorenz Berna

Traditional Thangka painter from Bhaktapur, smocking a cigarette on the entry of his shop.
On his head he wears the common “Dhaka Topi”, usually offered as a gift during Dashain and Tihar festivals.

Silhouette of Temples in Bhaktapur - Travel Photography of Nepal by Lorenz Berna

Temples Silhouette before sunrise in the old Durbar Square of Bakhtapur.
Bakhtapur was once capital of the largest Newar kingdom of the Kathmandu Valley. In competition on a cultural and economical level with its two other rivals, Kathmandu and Patan, Bakhtapur holds some of the most beautiful temples and example of Newar architecture -the Newar people being the historical inhabitants of the Valley and claimed to be the creators of the religion, culture and civilization of Nepal.

Kathmandu Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal - Picture by travel photographer Lorenz Berna

5.30 am in the old Kathmandu’s Durbar Square.
Like in the rest of Asia, activity starts very early. Thus being an early bird allows you to get good shots of real local life, enhanced by the beauty and gentleness of the mornings’ lights and colours.

Donkeys caravan in Upper Mustang, Nepal Himalayas - Travel photo by Lorenz Berna

Caravan of Donkeys transporting hay on the dry riverbed of the Kali Gandaki Stream, in the Upper Mustang bordering the Annapurna Range.

Thamel Quarter in Kathmandu - Nepal picture by travel photographer Lorenz Berna

Daily life in the district of Thamel, in Kathmandu City.
Thamel is the more modern quarter of Kathmandu where turists live along locals. Hence, it is a quite busy district where you can get some interesting eclectic scenes.

Nepali porter in Kathmandu - Nepal Street Photography by Lorenz Berna

Nepali porter in Kathmandu, looking for the right adress to bring an imposing wardrobe.
Human-powered transportation is still a very common practice in Nepal.
In mountains, they are usually called Sherpas -The Sherpas being the Ethnic Group who had largely helped in the big mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas as precious local guides and porters. Today, the name of Sherpa is used to describe any guide or porter in the mountain areas, regardless of their ethnicity.

Nepal Street Photography in Kathmandu, by Lorenz Berna

Street scene in Pokhara : woman walking around in the back streets of the city to have her cow fed.

Kathmandu Street Photography - Picture by Lorenz Berna from the Nepal Photo Gallery

Group of young boys wandering in the streets of Kathmandu.

Monkey and Man walking in Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu - Photo by Lorenz Berna of Nepal

Monkeys and men walking around Pashupatinath Temple, in Kathmandu.
In this temple dedicated to Pashupati, the Protector of Animals -one of Shiva’s manifestation, monkeys rule the area fearlessly and cohabite maliciously with the local people and wandering Sadhus -Hindu devotees of God Shiva.

Saddhu in Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu - Nepal travel portrait by Lorenz Berna

Portrait of a Sadhu on his pilgrimage stop in Pashupatinath Temple.
Generally, sadhus are nomadic people who have no possessions nor homes. When they arrive in one place, they are usually hosted in the ashram of a local Baba for free for a maximum of 3 days. Then, they will leave so other sadhus can benefit from shelter and food.

Portrait of a Hindu Saddhu in Kathmandu, Nepal -Travel portrait by Lorenz Berna

Some sadhus, however, choose to stay and live in one place, like this man. He is now a permanent resident of Pashupatinath temple, alongside the monkeys.

Old Woman in Kathmandu - Nepal Travel Portrait by photographer Lorenz Berna

Old resident of the Social Welfare Centre for Elderly, in Kathmandu.
This center, located within the Pashupatinath Temple Area, was opened in 1978 upon Mother Teresa’s initiative. Nowadays, it hosts more than 200 people with no or very few financial resources. Located on the banks of the Holy Bagmati River, it is believed that the people dying there would receive instant salvation.

Nepali Couple on Wedding Day in Kathmandu - Travel picture by Lorenz Berna of Nepal

Young couple ready to reach their wedding, where all parents, friends and beloved are waiting.
This couple was united by Love instead of families arrangements, as it’s still the case for most of the weddings in Nepal.

Nepali Men in Kathmandu, Nepal - Picture by Lorenz Berna from the Nepal Photo Gallery of Travelphotospirit Blog
Street Scene in Bakhtapur, Nepal - Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna

Men groups of friends chatting in Bhaktapur.
All over the country, people use the stairs of the temples and the covered platforms as meeting points, tea shops or market stalls. The brick colour of the temples and houses make a nice and easy background to get local portraits and street photography.

Faith ritual for Hindu devotees in Bhaktapur, Nepal - Picture by Lorenz Berna

Hindu devotees gathered around the Vishnu Temple in Bhaktapur, eager to receive the Blessed Water.
In Nepal cities, Life is rythmed by Faith, from the morning offerings to the evening ceremonies. Bells and gongs filling the atmosphere and giving the tune.

Nepal Street Photography by Lorenz Berna : Woman praying at Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu

Tibetan Woman deeply absorbed in her Prayers, on top of the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu.
Boudhanath quarter is the Tibetan area of Kathmandu, built around the famous white Buddha-Eyed stupa (see the picture of introduction). There, Life is completely evolving around the stupa where residents, pilgrims and travellers endlessly perpetuate the Cora. Doing the Cora means walking clockwise around the stupa, rolling the prayers wheels of the stupa with the right hand, while recitating peace Mantras. This practice is done with awareness, in a meditation state, and is een as a purification of one’s karma. The stupa is such an important spot to get great pictures : around it, above it or from far away.

Tibetan woman lighting butter candles in Kathmandu - Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna of Nepal

Boudhanath Street scene : an old Tibetan woman lights butter candles to celebrate Losar, the Tibetan new year.
In Buddhism, the lights of the candles represent the illumination of wisdom against the darkness of ignorance.

Sadhu in Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal - A Lorenz Berna's Black and White Portrait

Black and white Portrait of a Sadhu, a Hindu holy man devoted to Shiva, in Pashupatinath Temple of Kathmandu.

Swayambunath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal - Black and White Photography by Lorenz Berna

Early morning scene in Swayambhunath Temple : a devotee brings offerings in this Buddhist Temple complex located on top of the city.
This temple offers a good view point on Kathmandu as an interesting cultural feeding.

Old Tree in Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal - Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna

Ancient Trees of the forest around Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu.
The parc of the temple area is a good spot to make pictures in the morning. Locals come here to walk, do their jogging or yoga, play badminton or chess or for a nice chai (milk tea with spices) in good company. Lights filtering through the trees give interesting opportunities for black and white photography.

Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal - Travel picture by Lorenz Berna from the Black and White photography Portfolio

Lonely dog in the quiet solitude of the Forest near Vishwaroop Temple, in the Pashupatinath Temple Complex of Kathmandu.

Hindu Sadhu in Newari temple, Kathmandu - Photo by Lorenz Berna from the Nepal Photo Gallery

Holy Hindu man, looking out from the window of a traditional Newari style wooden Temple of Kathmandu Valley. Newar people are considered to be the creators of most of Nepal’s historic and cultural heritage.

Gurung Ethnic child with grandma, Nepal Himalayas - Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna

Gurjung Village up in the Himalayas, Land of Gurung People (Ethnic group also called Tamu).
One year old Anuj Gurung is enjoying time with his 93 years old grandmother. The remote life in these mountains, only reached by foot and donkeys, is rythmed by agriculture and harvests. Simplicity, authenticity and solidarity are the qualities of this warm people. So much that we spent a whole week there, simply living with them and observing, thus getting beautiful and genuine portraits as well as life scenes.

Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu - Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna from the Nepal Photo Gallery of the Travelphotospirit Blog

Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu is the most venerated Buddhist site in Nepal.
It is believed that the Stupa enshrines the relics of Kassapa Buddha -the sixth of the Seven Buddhas of Antiquity, according to the Theravāda Buddhist tradition.
Being on the ancient trade route from Tibet, the Stupa has hosted an uncountable number of Tibetan merchants  who have rested there and offered prayers since a very long time.

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Portrait of Sadhus in Kathmandu, Nepal - Travel photography by Lorenz Berna

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Gurung Ethnic child with grandma, Nepal Himalayas - Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna

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