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Cambodia Photo Gallery

Rickshaw driver from Phnom Penh - Portrait from Lorenz Berna's Cambodia Photo Gallery | Guidatore di rickshaw in Phnom Penh, Ritratto di Lorenz Berna dalla Galleria Fotografica della Cambogia

CAMBODIA Photo Gallery

Noung, eco-tour guide in SIem Reap - Portrait by Lorenz Berna from the Cambodia Photo Gallery

Noung, eco-tour guide in Siem Reap.
Coming from a numerous and poor family, she was trained by international NGOs where she learnt good English and agricultural bases. Her knowledge about plants and environment, as well as her good communication skills and strong will-power, made her a qualified eco-tour guide and an efficient fixer for anyone’s projects in the country.
Her pride and strenght are balanced by a deep simplicity and a child heart that when opens, fills the air. I like this portrait because this is one of this moment.

Cambodian hammock baby girl in Kampot - Photo by Lorenz Berna, travel photographer

Khmer baby in a hammock in Kampot.
Hammock is the very first bed any Cambodian sleeps in. Whether it is the mother, the grand-mother or the father who swings it, the movement calms the baby down and quickly makes him/her fall asleep. And unlike what Occidentals think, it doesn’t affect at all the normal development of the back. Actually most of Cambodians stand straight, surely thanks to the asian way to sit cross-legged without any support for the back which naturally force it to get stronger.

Cycling in the Ricefieds, Kampot - Cambodia travel photography by Lorenz Berna

Cycling in the Ricefieds around Kampot.
The green lushing vegetation of the monsoon period offers an idyllic context for photographing the countryside. The rice is almost fluorescent, the air is cleaner and the lights usually give soft and contrasted tones as well as dense colours, even in the middle of the day when usually lights are too strong to get nice pictures.

Cow in rice fields in Cambodia -Travel picture by Lorenz Berna

Cambodian cow in the morning peace of a rice field circled by palm trees.
The holy animal is a precious belonging in any poor country. From the work in the fields, to the milk at the table, the cow has a good financial value, with an estimated price of 650 USD. A good investment for any family. However most of the people still can’t afford one, living on an average wage of 100 USD per month.

Small Gecko hanging on a Bougainvillea branch - Photo by Lorenz Berna | Piccolo geco sospeso su un ramo di bougainville, foto di Lorenz Berna

Small gecko hanging on a branch of Bougainvillea, the “Paper Tree”.
The tree, originally from South America and brought with the colonisation, has probably become the most beautiful emblem of South-East Asia which tropical climate suits it prefectly. Its vivid multi-coloured dry petals, attract lots of butterflies, bees and insects of all kinds. Therefore the tree is a nice spot from where to grab a picture of the Microcosmos.

Fisherman on Kampot River, Cambodia - Picture by Lorenz Berna

Fishermen on Kampot river.
The counted days of the sleepy Kampot are still rythmed by the calm flow of its river which runs down the slopes of the Bokor National Parc, borders the city and dives into the sea, some 20 km further down.
To have a complete picture of this enchanting region of the world, you have to spend some time on the river. The water palms and thick vegetation nest villages and isolated houses, fishing boats and playful children, spirits and snakes. Going on a river trip, the evergreen labyrinthic canals reveal their treasures to the wanderer : beautiful panoramas on the mountains, small white sandy beaches, wild birds and local life. A real experience of travel photography.

Jumping free in Kampot River, Cambodia - Photo by Lorenz Berna

Free jumpimg from a boat on Kampot river.

Cambodian Countryside, Kampot - Travel picture by Lorenz Berna

Picture of a classical Cambodian countryside.
2 monks on an alms-giving round passing by traditional Khmer blue wooden houses, built alongside water canals filled with Lotus flowers, in the shadow of a majestic tree.
With shots like this one, you give to the viewer lots of informations about the place as well as a feeling of it.

Colours of Cambodian trees- Picture by Lorenz Berna, travel photographer

Magnificient colours of a tree on a random ride in the country.
Trees are very often fascinating in Asia. In this scene, I liked the woman’s colours echoing the colour of the tree as she was herself, one of its fallen fruit.

Sugar palm harvest in Cambodia - Travel photography by Lorenz Berna

Sugar Palm harvest in the Cambodian countryside.
The harvest is still done traditionally with men climbing up trees that can reach 15m high. From the pistils of the female species, the men collect a sweet water that will become sugar once boiled and filtered.

Sugar palm man in Kampot - Cambodia portrait photography by Lorenz Berna

Portrait of one sugar palm man.
After collecting the precious nectar, harvesters have two choices : cook it into a healthy palm sugar or sell the sugary water as it is comes, right fresh from the tree. Cambodians love to drink it as a quick supply of energy and beloved sweetness.

Kampot salt fields in Cambodia - Travel picture by Lorenz Berna | Saline di Kampot, cambogia, foto di viaggio di Lorenz Berna

Sunset in the salt fields of Kampot.
Famous for the quality of its pepper, Kampot has also a pretty good sea salt.
The panorama of the Bokor mountains reflecting in the salt fields are quite magical for travel photography. For my part, I prefered a clean and more zen picture with sunset colours as a background.

Way back home in Phnom Penh - Travel Picture by Lorenz Berna from the Cambodia Photo Gallery

Women on a trip home from work, out of Phnom Penh’s numerous factories.
Around 4-5 pm, you assist to hundreds of trucks picking up workers from the factories and driving them in the different areas of the city where they live.

Khmer woman from Takeo - Travel portrait from Cambodia by Lorenz Berna | Donna Khmer di Takeo, Ritratto di viaggio della Cambogia di Lorenz Berna

Travel portrait of a Khmer woman in Takeo.

Travel Portrait of an old khmer man - Picture by photographer Lorenz Berna

Khmer man fairly proud to be portrayed.
In Cambodia, I like to look for old people’s faces that wear history. Indeed, Cambodia is a very young country from a demographic aspect, many of the older generations being killed or fled during the Khmer Rouges tragic period.

Portrait of an old Khmer Lady smoking - Cambodia picture by Lorenz Berna, travel photographer

Old khmer lady smoking.
Unlike the men who smoke from a very young age, women are rarely seen smoking before they have reached an advanced age. With one picture, you might tell your viewer some cultural facts.

Rickshaw driver from Phnom Penh - Portrait from Lorenz Berna's Cambodia Photo Gallery | Guidatore di rickshaw in Phnom Penh, Ritratto di Lorenz Berna dalla Galleria Fotografica della Cambogia

Rickshaw driver from Phnom Penh.
While on a night walk in the streets of the capital city, I saw this man preparing himself to spend the night in his rickshaw, parked in front of the temple Wat Ounalom. The intensity in his eyes struckĀ  me instantly : a combination of a difficult life and a strong will power, of suffering and tenderness.
In portraits, I always look for 2 major things : peculiarities and/or emotions.
On this shot, I was strongly touched by the depth expressed by this man.

Inspiration on MYANMAR

Photo Stories
Farmers with cow herds in Bagan temples area, Burma - Picture by Lorenz Berna from the Myanmar Photo Gallery of the Blog

Work in progress

Rickshaw driver from Phnom Penh - Portrait from Lorenz Berna's Cambodia Photo Gallery | Guidatore di rickshaw in Phnom Penh, Ritratto di Lorenz Berna dalla Galleria Fotografica della Cambogia

Work in progress


Work in progress

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