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AUSTRALIA Photo Gallery

Australian Farmer Boy in NSW - Photo by Lorenz Berna for the Australia Photo Gallery

AUSTRALIA Photo Gallery

Australia Landscape : Carcoar Dam in New South Wales - Photo by Lorenz Berna

Twilight at Carcoar Dam, in New South Wales.
The serenity of the landscape there, inspired me to create this picture of a minimalist atmosphere.

Storm in Formation - Australia Landscape by Lorenz Berna, travel photographer

Storm formation in the sky, in the State of Queensland.
Sky changes quickly in Australia so looking at those continuous mutations of shapes and colours became one of my greatest passion while I was living there.

Houn River : Tasmania Landscape by Lorenz Berna

Morning mist on the Huon River of Tasmania. — Look below for this picture’s Photo Story —

Emus Birds in Australia - Travel picture by photographer Lorenz Berna

Wild Emus near Burra, in New South Wales.
The Emu is a large flightless bird endemic to Australia. It has an average weight of 34kg  for an average of 150 cm height. It is the second biggest bird in the world by height, after his relative the Ostrich. The Emu can travel great distances and sprint at 50 km/h, when necessary. It is therefore, a perfect animal for gigantic Australia.

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