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U Bein Bridge in Amarapura, near Mandalay in Myanmar, a picture from the Myanmar Photo Gallery by Lorenz Berna |
Shaman of the Monkeys, Pushkar - India Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna
Birds seeds seller, Cambodia - Yangon Street Photography by Lorenz Berna
Yoga before sunrise in Hampi - India Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna
Tibetan woman praying, Kathmandu - Nepal Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna
Rickshaw driver of Pnom Penh - Cambodia portrait by Lorenz Berna, travel photographer
Cow Shepard in Bagan Temples area - Myanmar picture by Lorenz Berna
Desert Call, Thar Desert Festival - Travel photography by Lorenz Berna
Snake Charmers in Jaipur, India - Travel photography by Lorenz Berna
Elephant bathing in Sri Lanka waters - Travel photography by Lorenz Berna
Team work for Kerala Fishermen - India Photo Story by Lorenz Berna, travel photographer
Australia Landscape : Carcoar Dam in New South Wales - Picture by Lorenz Berna, travel photographer
Saling on serenity, Irrawaddy river - Myanmar travel photography by Lorenz Berna
Val d'orcia, Italy - Tuscany Landscape Photography by Lorenz Berna
Storm in Formation - Australia landscape photography by Lorenz Berna
India street photography in Old Delhi - Travel portrait by Lorenz Berna
Old Nepali woman portrait - Nepal Travel Photography by Lorenz Berna
Dawn Lights on Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu - Photo by Lorenz Berna, Travel photographer

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